Mid-Century Modern Structures Symposium Proceedings

Cover of Mid-Century Modern Structures Proceedings
Cover of Mid-Century Modern Structures Proceedings

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Proceedings of the Mid-Century Modern Structures: Materials and Preservation is available for purchase as a printed book via PayPal or as a digital book via the Amazon Kindle Store, courtesy of the Friends of NCPTT.

  • Print version is $60 (including shipping to  Continental United States)
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    Order the Digital Book via Kindle
    Order the Digital Book for $9.99

The Proceedings contain 24 papers presented as part of the Mid-Century Modern Structures: Materials and Preservation Symposium, held April 14-16, 2015, in St. Louis, Missouri. The symposium focused on the history, use, and preservation of materials found in Mid-Century modern architecture. The symposium proceedings will provide an in-depth understanding of the complex issues associated with the preservation of these structures. A special section features papers associated with the study and preservation of the Gateway Arch.

The publication was sponsored by Friends of NCPTT, the World Monument Fund, the American Institute for Architects St. Louis, Washington University in St. Louis, and the Jefferson National Expansion Memorial.

Friends Group announces Summit sponsorship by the Western Chapter of the Association for Preservation Technology and Leica Corporation.

The NPS 3D Digital Documentation summit is fast approaching. The conference runs July 10-12, 2012 at the Presidio of San Francisco. Thanks to the generosity of the Western Chapter of the Association for Preservation Technology and Leica Corporation, participants will have the opportunity to meet and greet each other on Monday night, July 9. The event will be held at the Transit Center Café, 215 Lincoln Blvd, San Francisco and will last from 6:00 Pm to 7:30 PM. We look forward to seeing you at the Summit! For more information and program highlights, see http://ncptt.nps.gov/3d-digital-documentation-summit/.

“Conservation Scientist for a Day” Hands-on Workshop

Students study an authentic pottery shard as part of "Conservation Scientist for a Day" workshop.

The Friends of NCPTT are pleased to sponsor the “Conservation Scientist for a Day” workshop on July 31, 2012 from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM. Students have the opportunity to learn more about the history of Natchitoches through the study of authentic pottery shards. High school students work in pairs to investigate a piece of pottery from Native American or French colonial archeological sources. The students document their pottery through hand drawings and photographs. Then, they explore the physical can chemical makeup of the object using microscopy, chemical spot tests, and X-ray Fluorescence analysis. The workshop is open to all students that have completed the 8th grade and higher. The cost of the workshop is $10 per student. Scholarships are available.

According to a July 2011 report by the Statistical Research Center at the American Institute of Physics, students in the state of Louisiana rank far below average on performance tests in math and science. Since the National Center for Preservation Technology and Training (NCPTT) is a science and technology research organization, they have a potential role to play in the education of students in the region. Each year, NCPTT reaches out to schools around the state to offer educational activities that cross the disciplines. Rather than being a school sponsored event, this year’s summer workshop marks the first time the event is open to registration for all students in the region.

Click here for more information and to register.

Friends Group Sponsors 2012 Robotics Camp

Students from Natchitoches Parish Schools are constructing their robots at NCPTT's 2011 Camp.

The Friends of NCPTT know that tomorrow’s engineers are studying in middle school and high school today.  That’s why they are sponsoring NCPTT’s 2012 Robot’s camp to be held July 23-27, at Lee H. Nelson Hall.  The camp gives students skills, experience and opportunities to succeed as they build, program, and learn to navigate robots.  The five day camp will be led by Curtis Desselles, who will guide students through the assembly of robots and programming using the picaxe language.  The program is open to 15 students from local area schools.  Registration is $50.00 (student scholarships are available).  Other sponsors include Weyerhauser Corporation and the Natchitoches Chamber of Commerce.  For more information, see http://ncptt.nps.gov/2012-robotics-camp/.

Friends of NCPTT co-sponsor NPS 3D Digital Documentation Summit

In front of historic houses on Funston Avenue at the Presidio of San Francisco, Michael Ashley demonstrates how the GigaPan robot works. 2011 Center for Digital Archaeology, Berkeley CA, flickr, accessed 05/08/2012.

The Friends of the National Center for Preservation Technology and Training (NCPTT) are proud to be a co-sponsor of the National Park Service’s Digital Documentation Summit, to be held at the Presidio of  San Francisco from July 10-12, 2012.  Experts from across the nation will share their practical experiences using the latest in computer technology to document cultural heritage.  From best practices to the most advanced case studies, participants will have an opportunity to learn techniques like laser scanning or LiDAR, reflectance transformation imaging, and the digital photogrammetry.

NCPTT, the NPS Intermountain Regional Office, and the Presidio are organizing the three day event to include more than 26 papers, poster sessions, panel discussions and live demonstrations.  The Summit will address issues such as data acquisition techniques, data storage and a range of data uses.  The Western Chapter of Association for Preservation Technology (WCAPT) will host an opening reception on the evening before the Summit.  Additionally they will host a panel discussion on digital documentation of the Presidio of San Francisco led by Michael Ashley from the Center for Digital Archaeology, Berkeley, California.

For more information and program highlights, see http://ncptt.nps.gov/3d-digital-documentation-summit/.